Who Hit The Page Widget

R 150.00

Shows the number of total page hits or unique visitors on a widget on your website. This plugin uses Who Hit The Page Hit Counter as a foundation and uses the data collected by Who Hit The Page Hit Counter to show the stats on a widget on a website.

Product Description

This is a plugin that displays a widget on any page, the widget shows the number of total page hits on the entire site or the number of total unique visitors (determined by IP) on the website or both the number of total hits or the total unique visitors in one page.

This plugin does not act as an independent hit counter, but instead uses the data (hit counts and IPs) collected by Who Hit The Page Hit Counter and then simply displays it on a widget you can place on any widget area.

Here is what the extension is:

1. Show a widget on a siderbar with the number of total page hits or unique visitors or both. Choose to one or both options

2. Customize the sizes and padding of the numbers.

3. Specify any background color or url() to be used as the background for each number.

4. What is shown on your website is entirely up to you, here is what you can customize: border radius, text color, text size, padding, background color, number of zeros to show if count is too small

Version 1.1 Change Logs
– Options to start choose whether to display the labels or not
– Options to add custom labels for the hit counter widget
– A handy color picker to help customize the colors of the widget so that your don’t have to remember or copy any color codes from anywhere but just use the built in color picker.



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